Off Sale

Okay my friends, I took my book off sale for now for some repair, hopefully it will be back soon. Thanks to the four who gave my book honest reviews on Amazon. For now here’s a picture I took a bit ago.

Sometimes it’s just interesting to look up.

Anybody know what city I’m in?

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In the Image of Grace Free on amazon

In the Image of Grace is FINALLY free on Amazon! Click HERE to download a copy. On the Barnes & Noble site it

Totally not related to anything, but here is a picture of carrot pants. Found it in my bag of mini carrots.

still comes up under religion, so the sales ranking aren’t that high there, but on Amazon it’s #17 for free e-books for children. Boy, people do like free because before today I never even sold a copy on Amazon. Hopefully the hundreds of people (yes hundreds, seriously, cool) who have downloaded a copy enjoy my story. I will say, it is a pretty interesting one. There’s so much more yet to be told!
Okay, the layout on this post went whackado!
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Newly Edited Version and a Photo or Two

Hello my friends. As I mentioned in my last post my sister Isabelle recently discovered some new found typos in my novel In the Image of Grace. These have since been corrected, but it seems like it might be a bit before the new version is uploaded to all the sites. The wait is not my doing, but who I’m publishing my novel through. So I’ll give you all the heads up when the new version is up and then you can re-download it if you want. I’m quite embarrassed by all of it.

On another note, when I search for In the Image of Grace on the Barnes & Noble website it comes up under religion. No wonder no-one is downloading my book. It’s not even young adult religion, just under regular old religion, so hopefully it will be categorized properly and more people will find my story. B & N does not seem to understand a play on words.

I’m also still waiting for my book to go free at Amazon. That has yet to happen. Eeeh gads.

Now, I can’t really show my face, a picture of me or what not cuz I’m trying to keep on the down low for now. Jeremy and I are kinda on the lamb. That alone is a post in all of itself, if not part of my next book, so here’s a picture of my shoes on my feet, my much beloved Buck Baylors. I even used part of the one for my new blog header.

If you haven’t noticed, which it’s kind of hard not to, I switched up my blog a bit.

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Hello my friends. I wanted to apologize if you’re reading or have read my novel In the Image of Grace and found some typos. My sister Isabelle was doing a read through again and pointed some out. I am fixing these mistakes and will be uploading a new version today.

At Barnes & Noble it is now number 12, 019 in the sales ranking, so we’re getting up there. It went from five-hundred thousand and something, to fifty-thousand and something, now to 12, 019, so yay!

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In the Image of Grace Free at Barnes and Noble

In the Image of Grace is now free at Barnes and Noble. Boy do people like free. It went from being like five hundred thousand and something in the sales rank to being 51,907. No, 51,907 is still not a very impressive sales ranking, but at least some people are downloading and reading it. It also sounds like a huge jump, but that really isn’t the case either. It only takes a few downloads to make your ranking shoot up, but it’s getting there. If per chance you’ ve read my novel and enjoyed it, tell a friend to go download their own copy for free.

Also for those who have left comments or sent me messages about enjoying my story, thanks so much. I really do appreciate it.  If I have not replied to your e-mails yet, don’t fret, I’ve read them and they have brought a smile to my face.

Last, but not least, did you notice the new cover art? Thought maybe a new cover would help with the sales. Hasn’t made much of a difference yet, but we’ll see.

I’ll be back here soon!

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Should My Story Carry On?

I’ve mentioned before that there have been efforts to conceal my story, everybody now regards it as fiction, so believe the things I say or, well, choose not to. There’s more to the story, further secerets have been revealed. Jeremy (my boyfriend) has been so wonderful in helping out Isabelle, Clarissa and I. There’s more to the death of our sister Elizabeth, secrets, ones that would be catastrophic to The Clonation Foundation. Do I risk revealing what I have found out, or do I stay in the safety of the bubble that has been built around me, keeping all truths concealed.

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E-book Happiness

A reader said they loved my book In the Image of Grace. Thanks so much Sherry. It makes me feel good that somebody has actually read my story and enjoyed it. While I’ve known that people have downloaded it, I didn’t know if anybody actually read it, but they have and I’m happy. Soon it should also be available in the iBookstore, in the Sony Reader Store, on Diesel and also on Kobo, and in these stores it will be free, so hopefully more people will be able to enjoy my story.

In other news I have started writing a novella. It’s something totally different, it would fall under paranormal. It should be a fun quick read, so keep your eyes out for that.

Oh, and if you didn’t know you can follow me on Twitter:

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